Friday, March 9, 2012

Iditarod 2012

The Iditarod sled dog race is going on right now.  Everyone around here is watching because John Baker, a local guy, won it last year and is doing well again this year so far.  The racers are tracked via GPS, and I signed up to follow them.  While I was in Selawik, I was blocked from the site at the school because as a visitor I get a student profile on my computer, so lots of websites are blocked, so I'm glad to be back here. The race is 1,150 miles long.  John is nearing halfway, around mile 460 right now, and nearing the Ruby checkpoint where they run along the Yukon River for a few hundred miles.  It looks like he's in 2nd position.  The times are getting faster and faster but always depend somewhat on weather and trail conditions.  Last year with his win, John set a new record time.  The race takes 8 or 9 days, so check on it through the weekend, and keep your ears open on Monday or Tuesday to see who wins!

John Baker is #11
Check out the Iditarod website here.
Check out John Baker's website here.

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